Studio diary 2007

October 9th


two days of work done. First day, Jaska and Kai Hahto (he is assisting him, kind of drum tech, for first days) were setting up the drums and testing sounds with Mikko Karmila. When the basic sound was found pretty much, me and Alexi played with Jaska all the songs through so that he got the guitar and basstracks. That makes the actual recording easier for him then. So by the end of day no. 2 Jaska is done with first three songs!

Now after a nice meal it's time to go to sauna and have some beers! Cheers!


Kai Hahto tuning
Jaska's drums

October 11th

Good morning!

Yesterday was the second day Jaska was recording seriously, and again he managed to put three songs together. So its quite a good pace I think. Eka, Toka, Hidas, Tiroli (Trioli), Pekingin kasvis and Uusin are now done, so a couple of days of drumming ahead! We also tried to figure out some cover songs yesterday while rehearsing. We will definitely cover at least three songs.


October 14th

One week done. Jaska is now done with all his stuff, and he did really good job! We did drum tracks for some cover songs too, we will reveal the songtitles later! During the weekend we started to check rythm guitar sounds, cos we were not happy with the sounds on the earlier Tie my Rope mix, so we wanna find the best sound. On the pictures we are rehearsing some cover songs!


October 17th

So now we are ready to start recording guitars. We 've been looking for sounds with different kinds of thingies...And rythmguitarsound is now good to go. Like you can see on Alexi's face probably. Also Roope's guitarclinic was held this time in the breakfastroom.


October 22nd


still working with the guitars... as you can see... Due to some schedule things we will do rhythmguitar tracks completely, and then continue with melodies and solos... When those are done we will start recording the low ends, bass tracks!!! Everything works fine, and the guitar sound is really good, we are very pleased with that!


October 28th

Now the guitars are mostly done!! There's only a couple of melodies missing, but anyway, we start recording bass tracks now, and then continue later with missing guitars. Janne will also start recording his things now! Some guitar heroes were visiting the studio one day...Don't know what happened though, if they did any contribution to our album.. Some banjos or what-have-yous were seen played at some point... I guess the cops had something to say also... And Mikko eats his booze nowadays..


November 6th

The darkness is crazy, it s also funny how it surprises everytime. At 6 pm its totally dark. And the days are getting shorter shorter and shorter. And it rains!

But inside the studio it is nice and warm. The bass tracks were done last week and at the moment Alexi is finishing his solos. That means that all that is left is the keyboard sounds, and vocals. Janne has already started working last week and he has recorded most of his stuff, but later on we still have to choose the sounds, the final sounds. So next week will be exciting, when we start choosing sounds, and recording the vocals. It s also the last week in the studio.


November 14th


Last week in studio, Alexi has been doing vocals with Peter Tägtgren this week. Janne will finish his stuff now also, and by the end of the week everything should be fine. We will start mixing and mastering right away.

We did 9 tracks, including a new version of Tie My Rope, plus 4 coversongs. We will post the different formats as soon as these are confirmed with the different release dates. The actual album itself will contain 9 COB tracks.

The album will be called Blooddrunk.



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